Relax, El Chapo didn't escape again

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The trending term "El Chapo" shot to the top of Twitter on Sunday. Why? Apparently, the notorious drug kingpin escaped from prison. AGAIN!


Crazy, right? That El Chapo, after being captured, escaping, talking to Sean Penn and then getting re-captured—possibly as some sort of karmic retribution for that Sean Penn interview—could have escaped once more?

Well, not so fast. Sure, it's plausible in the grand scheme of things that the drug lord may have done what he's done again and again, but let's check the source of this current frenzy. It's not the ABC News that's the parent company of Fusion and a well-known outlet and everything. It's "ABC News," a clearly fake website peddling stories such as "President Obama Signs Executive Order Limiting US Gun Owners to Three Guns." (He didn't do that.)

The article itself is also, erm, of dubious character. At one point, it randomly hawks a woman's sock-based charity website.


So relax, everyone! El Chapo's still in jail. As far as we know.

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