Remember when 'Independence Day' destroyed the White House? This time it's all of London (and then some)

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The U.K. voted to leave the European Union Thursday night, much to the dismay of younger Brits, who voted overwhelmingly in favor of remaining in the E.U. The "Leave" campaign's racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric succeeded, and the consequences of the so-called "Brexit" referendum are already being felt. British stocks are plummeting, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to resign in the fall, and Fusion's own Felix Salmon writes that this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg for the European nation.

At least a 3,000-mile-wide flying saucer hasn't sucked up a bunch of skyscrapers from across the Eurasian continent and dropped 'em down on London—yet. That's exactly what happens about an hour into Independence Day: Resurgence, the just-released sequel to 1996's Independence Day directed by Roland "Stonewall was a white event" Emmerich. The scene finds everything from 30 St Mary Axe to the London Eye Ferris wheel come crashing into the Thames—even London Bridge is falling down. Good thing Mae Whitman was unceremoniously dismissed from this unnecessary piece!


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