Rep. Steve King Wants Capitol Police to Investigate Immigration Status of Protesters

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America’s most unabashedly racist lawmaker, Iowa Rep. Steve King, introduced a bill this week to authorize Capitol Police to harass protesters in Washington, D.C. under the guise of enforcing immigration laws.

“The Capitol Police, a federal law enforcement agency, do not have explicit statutory authority to enforce our immigration laws,” King said, according to a statement on his website. “Without clear authority they are not investigating the immigration status of protesters openly claiming they are here illegally while disrupting Committee proceedings and shutting down Congressional offices.”

His bill, called “Ending the Sanctuary Capitol Policy Act,” is less than two pages long and was announced along with another piece of legislation this week to “improve the quality” of U.S. Census data, “particularly with regard to its ability to document the number of aliens who are in the country illegally.”


Earlier this month, King proposed funding President Donald Trump’s multi-billion-dollar border wall with the ridiculous idea of taking money from Planned Parenthood and the food stamp program.

Luckily, not all Iowans are on board with King’s paranoid xenophobia, blatant disregard for constitutional protections, and crass hatred for anyone who doesn’t look like him. During the state’s annual recreational cycling event called the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, or RAGBRAI, several protest groups were on hand this week (including the spectacularly named Podunk Resistance) to denounce the country’s most embarrassing lawmaker.

The protesters, who offered free water to riders, wore T–shirts declaring, “Sorry about Steve King.”

Weekend Editor, Splinter

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