Report a rape at Baylor University, face a code violation for drinking: report

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Baylor University warned rape victims that their parents would be informed that they were using alcohol, which violates the school’s honor code, and face possible discipline, according to a report published Sunday by Associated Press.

A Baptist school, Baylor University’s code of conduct does not allow for drinking or premarital sex and students can still be expelled for using drugs and alcohol.


According to the Associated Press, two women were pressured to accept alcohol code violations when they reported their assaults. One of the women was reportedly told to do 25 hours community assault and the university never investigated the rape claim.

Attorneys at Pepper Hamilton, which is representing six former students who accuse the school of mishandling rape claims, said school "created barriers" to students reporting sexual assault, which led to a culture of silence.


Baylor University president and chancellor and president Ken Starr resigned earlier this year for his mishandling of sexual assaults on campus. In 2015, former defensive end Sam Ukwuachu was convicted on sexual assault charges although the school had previously refused to charge him. Baylor is currently being sued by eight former students in three separate lawsuits for failing to investigate sexual assaults on campus dating back to 2005.

Under Title IX, universities are required by law to investigate sexual assaults or they could lose funding for federally-funded activities. According to the Associated Press, Baylor officials were warned that any investigation into the school’s conduct code would have a “chilling” effect on campus.