Report: It's Gonna Be a Long One, Folks

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By now, most of the Democrats running for president in 2020 have announced their early fundraising hauls. And folks, the Washington Post reports that that means we’re in for a long one.

Per the Post:

The limited early fundraising hauls announced by Democratic presidential hopefuls show that no clear front-runner has yet emerged in the race, and portend a drawn-out and divisive primary slog before the party unifies against President Trump.

The overall sum raised by nearly 20 Democratic presidential candidates so far is on par with the amount raised by a much smaller field at this point in 2007, a sign that candidates are struggling to break through in a crowded contest that remains wildly unpredictable.


In short, this is what we already knew: there’s a shitload of candidates and they all have some money.

What’s interesting is that despite this talk of a “crowded field,” Sen. Bernie Sanders has way more cash than anyone else in the race, with $18.2 million. Sen. Kamala Harris, per the Post, is sitting at $12.4 million. Seems like we could... just call Bernie the frontrunner here, but sure, whatever, let’s keep waiting for Biden’s announcement; as the Post notes, that’s exactly what the rich lib donors are waiting for.

We have yet to begin, but already I am so tired.