Report: Mark Halperin Continues to Have Access to His Twitter Account

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

I’m saddened to report that disgraced Trump stenographer and serial sexual harasser Mark Halperin continues to have posting ability. And folks! It’s bad!


Here’s the tweet: “Not a conspiracy theory but a question. If you assume the incompetence &/or corruption required for Epstein to kill himself or be murdered, why not believe he might have faked his own death via body double & escaped?”

He’s just asking a question — an utterly deranged question — but a question. The problem with this utterly deranged question is that it’s on the same wavelength as the president retweeting conspiracy theories that the Clinton family are somehow responsible for Epstein’s death.

If you’re a disgraced media figure looking to be brought back into the mainstream fold, this is not what you put out into the world. Like, my man, there are group texts! A single participant text! A journal! Talking to yourself! A cork board with string that you can present to your bewildered chums! None of which are on the internet, my god.