REPORT: Trump Not Really Sure Who Any of His Top People Are or What They're Doing

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Bit of a weird one here: buried deep in a Thursday night Washington Post story about the usual chaos and insanity at the White House comes an unsettling anecdote about President Trump’s mental sharpness—namely, that he can’t seem to keep his Cabinet-level staffers straight.


As the Post reported:

Also, Trump has sometimes expressed confusion about what agencies and secretaries are in charge of what duties, a senior administration official said. For example, this official said, he has complained to [EPA chief Scott] Pruitt about regulatory processes for construction projects, although the EPA is not in charge of the regulations.

That’s a hell of an “also!” Rick Perry, is he the environmental one? Is he the globalist? No, wait, that guy’s gone. Who are you, anyway? How’d you get in here??

Although we’ve always known our aged president is not exactly a brain genius, the degree to which his faculties have degraded over a lifetime of dating models and eating McDonald’s has remained an open question.

Good to know we have one more data point to add to the “we’re fucked” side of the ledger.

(h/t Brian Stelter)

Managing Editor, Splinter