Republican Attempt to Repeal ACA Fails With Crucial Vote From Senator John McCain

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Following an intense evening of riveting C-SPAN footage, the Republican attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed. The so-called Health Care Freedom Act, released hours before senators were slated to vote, would have repealed a majority of the ACA — including both the individual and employer mandate.

But for the second time this week, Senator John McCain cast a critical vote early Friday morning and it was quite dramatic. McCain voted against the legislation, after criticizing it earlier in the day, to the dismay of his colleagues (and Vice President Mike Pence who tried to schmooze him before the vote).


Senator Susan Collins and Senator Lisa Murkowski also voted against the measure, as they were expected to.


And McConnell’s face perfectly encapsulated the agony of defeat:


The crowd outside the Capitol when McCain’s vote was announced reacted the exact opposite to McConnell — with sheer jubilance...and relief.