Republican Congressman Begs Trump Supporters Not to Act Like Themselves Tonight

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President Donald Trump is hosting a rally tonight in Cincinnati, which will almost certainly be a screaming, racist mess that lays bare the ideological divide in this country and endangers the physical safety of his political opponents, as is his custom. Today, though, Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot chimed in to say, “Buh-Buh-Buh-Boy folks, sure hope there’s no racism at this one!”

Chabot told the Associated Press that he hopes there isn’t a repeat of the hugely racist “Send Her Back!” chant from Trump’s last rally in North Carolina, directed at Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“I would discourage the crowd from doing anything inappropriate and I think saying something like that would be inappropriate,” Chabot said. “I would hope that the president would silence the crowd, tell them, ‘Hey, don’t do that, there’s no place for that. It’s not helpful, it’s not right.’”


Yeah. We’ll see, buddy. I’m sure if this chant starts up again Trump will just jump all over it right away!

Chabot’s appeal seems like the same brand of wishful thinking Vice President Mike Pence recently indulged in, saying, “If it happened again, he might make an effort to speak out about it.”


Sure, but Trump also “might make an effort to speak out about” like, the Fortnite World Cup or some shit at one of his rallies. It’s anyone’s guess! Who knows! We’ll find out if Chabot gets his wish later tonight.