Republican Senator: Piss or Impeach

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As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempts to have her non-impeachment cake and eat it too, one Republican senator had a message for his colleagues across the Capitol: hurry the heck up already!!!

“I say this gently, and I say this hopefully constructively to my friends in the House leadership,” Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said from the Senate floor on Wednesday. “The House leadership needs to urinate or get off the pot.”


Kennedy’s crude-but-clinical “advice” comes as a growing chorus of congressional Democrats have begun publicly agitating for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump—which Pelosi has so far managed to keep at bay.

“The House leadership needs to indict the president of the United States, impeach him, and let us hold a trial—he won’t be convicted—or they need to go ahead and hold in contempt every single member of the Trump administration so we can move those issues into the court system and get back to doing the people’s business,” Kennedy continued.

The senator is on firm ground in predicting that any impeachment attempt against Trump would fail in a Republican-held Senate. He went on to frame any sort of judicial action against the president as a “zero-sum game” in which either future legislative oversight would be crippled, or in which no one would want to run for president for fear that “Congress would be able to find out everything about your life, even the most intimate details, whether it is relevant to your job or not, and whether it happened when you were president or not.”

Because, as we all know, Republicans clearly hate investigating “the most intimate details” of a president’s life.


Still, whether Kennedy’s encouragement was given in good faith or not (it wasn’t) he inadvertently made a good point: Democrats, stop dithering and do something. Empty talking points ain’t gonna cut it for long.

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