Republican Won't Let SOCIALISTS Pressure Him Into Letting a Woman Reporter Do Her Job

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Who wants to live in a socialist world where women are allowed to do their jobs without being seen as sexual objects? Not this guy!


Mississippi state Rep. Robert Foster, who is running for the GOP nomination for governor, is still defending his campaign’s decision to bar a female reporter for Mississippi Today from riding along with the campaign unless she was accompanied by a male colleague present.

The reporter, Larrison Campbell, wrote that Foster’s campaign director told her “They believed the optics of the candidate with a woman, even a working reporter, could be used in a smear campaign to insinuate an extramarital affair.” In the days since she published the account, Campbell’s report has become national news. Foster initially responded that he didn’t want the reporter along “out of respect of my wife.”

He was still trying to rationalize the move yesterday and this morning, going off on Twitter about the “liberal” newspapers, coastal elites, communist Hollywood, etc., etc. that dare challenge his notion that he can only maintain the appearance of appropriate behavior around women when there are no women involved, or if the woman is his wife.

Too bad AMERICA can’t STAND the idea of a MAN being FAITHFUL to his WIFE, right??


And don’t get him started on the SOCIALISM’s role in pushing the narrative about him being sexist and NOT a wife-loving Christian. All they want to do is dismantle America by *checks notes* letting a woman do her job!!


[Borat voice] MAH TRUCK!

Meanwhile, Campbell took Foster to task for his bullshit on CNN this morning.

“If a woman did this, if a female candidate did this, people would say, ‘She’s making men bring people along with her? If she doesn’t feel comfortable doing this, she can’t do her job.’ How can you do your job—how can you tell Mississippians that you will be a good governor if you can’t be alone in a room with a woman?” Campbell asked.


Foster responded by talking about his truck again. This is going well!