Republicans Got to Send Sick People to Their Deaths Today and They Are Really Excited (UPDATED)

How happy were House Republicans to vote to send thousands of people to their deaths today?


Just look at Rep. Jason Chaffetz in the tweet above. Chaffetz, who recently announced his plans to retire, was having foot surgery, but he’s eager enough to aid in the cause of stripping millions of people of health care that he literally rolled into the Capitol just so he could vote.

Look at his smiling face! “Toot toot, here I come! There’s poors to screw over!”


Then there’s Rep. Ann Wagner. A three-term congresswoman and former Missouri GOP chairwoman, Wagner was once too scared to appear at town hall explaining why she wanted to take their health care away (her district held the forum without her). But now she’s ready to start popping bottles over the inevitable deaths of her poor, soon-to-be-uninsured constituents.

Wagner was so thrilled for the American Health Care Act to pry affordable insurance out of the hands of millions that she literally had to scream.

On Thursday afternoon, after psyching themselves up with classic rock tunes and the promise of getting liquored up with cheap booze, House Republicans got their wish. The chamber voted 216-212 in favor American Health Care Act. All the “yea” votes were Republicans, with just 20 defecting to join their Democratic colleagues in trying to block the bill.


After the bill’s passage, house Democrats began gleefully singing Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” at their Republican counterparts to suggest that this vote would be their undoing come election year.


The Republicans, meanwhile, went off to party with the president in the Rose Garden.

Next stop—the Senate!

Note: this post was updated to reflect the House’s passage of the health care bill.

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