Revel in the Beauty of These Activists Pulling Down a Confederate Statue in North Carolina

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As Southern cities drag their feet over whether they will remove Confederate statues from public spaces, activists in Durham, NC, didn’t wait. And its a stunning sight to be seen.

On Monday night, people who gathered in front of Durham’s court house to demonstrate their solidarity with Charlottesville’s domestic terror attack victims pulled down a monument that stood in front of the building since 1924. Called the Confederate Soldier’s Monument, an inscription below a bronzed solider stated:“In memory of the boys who wore the gray.”


According to WRAL, police had attempted to make the statue more difficult to climb by spraying it with cooking spray. No matter, activists were able to remove the statue with a rope. After successfully destroying a relic that will surely only be missed by a select few, activists celebrated their victory in the streets of downtown Durham.

Don’t even bother putting it in a museum.