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When we last encountered evolutionary biologist and bizarre tweeter Richard Dawkins, he was promoting what bordered on conspiracy theories about Ahmed Mohamed, the teenager arrested in September for bringing his homemade clock to school in Irving, Texas.

But there's good news for people who love bad news: Dawkins is at it again.

Earlier today, in light of the news that Mohamed and his family are suing the city of Irving for $10 million and the Irving Independent School District for $5 million, Dawkins felt the need to re-up his theories:

Dawkins also continued to suggest that Mohamed has perpetrated a hoax:

And, in perhaps his most vile move yet, equated the 14-year-old with a young ISIS fighter:


This echoes Dawkins's theories from September, when he kicked things off by tweeting this:

The thrust of Dawkins' argument, if you can call it that, is that Mohamed didn't really make a clock, because he may have taken parts of another clock and put them together. To Dawkins, this suggests a sinister, ulterior motive.


Never one to shy away from an unnecessary Twitter battle, Dawkins is once again lashing out at people suggesting that perhaps a public figure and respected biologist shouldn't continue to cast aspersions on a 14-year-old whose family fled America after sustained racial abuse:



Keep beating that drum, Richard, I'm sure it'll work out eventually.

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