Richard Spencer Doesn’t Think Women Should Be Able to Vote

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With the intellectual depth of an ashtray (apologies to ashtrays), tiki–torch–wielding white supremacist weakling Richard Spencer continues to provide the world even more reasons to loathe his existence.

In an interview this week, Newsweek’s Michael Edison Hayden asked Spencer if he wants to turn back the clocks to a period when women did not have the right to vote in the U.S. Initially, he offered only a vague reply, saying, “I’m not terribly excited about voting in general.”

Asked again, Spencer said, “I don’t necessarily think that that’s a great thing.”


This statement is in line with other misogynist thoughts he’s offered in the past, including this tweet, which argues that women shouldn’t be allowed to conduct foreign policy because of their “vindictiveness”:

After the interview was published, Spencer didn’t seem to object to anything in the report, because he retweeted this:


In addition to racism, xenophobia, and selective historical amnesia, misogyny seems to be a thing among the members of the so–calledalt–right,” which basically is a rebranded term for neo–Nazis and other losers. Elon University professor Megan Squire, a victim of white supremacist harassment, told Newsweek that these types of views are similar to those used to justify attacking immigrants.

“I think that they’re upset that the world is changing, and one of those changes is looking around and seeing more women in the workplace,” Squire said. “Everyone is to blame for their problems but themselves—white men.”


Read the entire report here.

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