Richest fast food company in the world apparently can't afford San Francisco

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So the whole "(this thing) just got priced out of San Francisco" is becoming its own overwrought meme, and I hesitate to contribute, but seriously, McDonalds? The company that brought in $28 billion in revenue in 2013? Really? CBS San Francisco poses this very question:

McDonald’s famous golden arches are vanishing from San Francisco, and real estate prices could be the culprit.

The restaurant on 16th and Mission abruptly closed, and so did the one on Van Ness Avenue. Word is the one near the ballpark at 3rd and Townsend is on its way out too.

So McDonald's—McDonald's—is being priced out of San Francisco? Apparently! “Someone else owns the land. Someone else owns the building, and that person sees a better deal building condos condos condos,” San Francisco Magazine's Joe Eskenazi told the station.

Interestingly, the McDonalds in Haight Ashbury that doubles as the unofficial psychedelic drug headquarters of the city is still alive and kicking, if anyone was worried they would have to look elsewhere to get their LSD fix.


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.