Rick Perry's piano recital and other wacky social media highlights from his campaign

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On September 11th Rick Perry announced the suspension of his presidential campaign. To commemorate his brief effort, we've taken a quick look at his online activity since he announced his candidacy in early June.

Total tweets: 179 by Rick Perry, and 129 re-tweets
Total re-tweets received: 25,580
Total facebook posts: 265
Total facebook comments received: 4295
Total images posted: 216

Top keywords from facebook posts and tweets: perry2016, governorperry, perry, rick, governor, name, teamrickperry, sign, add, president, texas, america, day, stand, contribute, obama, border, agree, americans, gov, american, gopdebate, iowa, hillary, irandeal, life, help, statement, clinton, security


Top keywords from facebook comments: perry, rick, president, trump, texas, governor, country, obama, america, people, 2016, vote, god, time, stand, hillary, border, donald, support, american, republican, bless, job, love, americans, illegal, stop, thank, military, iran.

Most retweeted tweet:

Most vitriolic tweet:


Strangest image posted to social media:


Most poignant piano solo:


Most common phrase from Perry's official YouTube videos (watch this super cut!):

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