Right on Time!!!

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Almost exactly one year to the day that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, the former Secretary of State will finally step foot in a heartland state that her campaign steadfastly ignored during the race—this time, to sell books.

Clinton will host a live show on November 9 at Milwaukee’s Riverside Theater as part of her book tour for her new tell-all about the 2016 race, What Happened, in which she will hopefully—but probably not—discuss what role she played in helping handing the keys to the Oval Office to a semi-literate racist.


The show will provide Clinton’s Wisconsin fans with the chance to finally see their ex-candidate in person after she failed to visit the state even once in the general election, while Trump repeatedly returned to host rallies there. Trump won Wisconsin, which hadn’t gone red in a presidential race in more than 30 years, by some 28,000 votes. During the primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders trounced Clinton by more than 10 percentage points. Just a little lunchtime food for thought!

“Hillary will pull the curtain back on a story that’s personal, raw, detailed, and surprisingly funny,” a press release announcing the appearance read. Surprisingly funny, just like a real human person is.