Rihanna comes into focus as the subject of a new Peter Berg documentary


According to Deadline, pop's very own live-action heroine, Robin Rihanna Fenty, will now be the subject of her own Peter Berg-helmed documentary.


Already an iPhone video luminary, RiRi will be setting aside the handheld camera for this deep character study by Berg, her former Battleship director. In the vein of Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back, Berg is interested in creating an "unfiltered look into Rihanna’s life and how she’s ascended to become a global icon." Sure, but when has Rihanna ever been filtered?

Nevertheless, the first project from Berg's newly minted Film45 production company seems like the perfect vehicle to explore Rihanna's fast-paced life and (personally) inspiring IDGAF attitude, all of which is too often truncated into the forms of fleeting Instagrams or gifs. Hopefully the untitled doc will be able to thoughtfully explore what it takes to man a "Navy," the emotional bandwidth required to deal with the pressure that comes with fame and scrutiny, and yes, that enviable wardrobe.

Rihanna's never been one to mince words and has never met a camera lens she didn't love, so surely Berg will capture the fullest and realest picture of the star yet.

Marjon Carlos is a style and culture writer for Fusion who boasts a strong turtleneck game and opinions on the subjects of fashion, gender, race, pop culture, and men's footwear.

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