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This morning, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted that Donald Trump has agreed to lift the Jones Act for 10 days, thus allowing more expedited shipping of relief supplies to Puerto Rico. The island is finally starting to get the support that it desperately needs, despite Trump—who has blamed Puerto Rico for its own crisis—initially refusing to lift the act due to “a lot of people that work in the shipping industry” not wanting him to. It seems like public pressure has been working.

And you know who’s been one of the biggest people putting that pressure on Trump and bringing attention to the plight of Puerto Ricans? None other than Rihanna. For the last three days the singer, pop culture icon, and groundbreaking cosmetics tycoon has been drawing attention to the crisis in Puerto Rico, directly calling out Trump.


Of course Rihanna is one of countless celebrities who tweeted support and called out Trump—and who probably did more than Trump actually wants to. And for someone like Rihanna, tweeting something from the Shade Room with a bunch of question marks is kind of doing the bare minimum. But 1) it’s Rihanna, it’s still gonna get more play than a video of a bear and a lion who were rescued from an abusive circus 10 years ago reuniting and 2) it was still more of an effort than the one the President of the United States was making! Also her tweets did get more precise over time.

But hey, we can’t all be Cher.