Rihanna's Met Gala gown got some delicious Photoshop remixes

Rihanna looked stunning last night at the Met Gala, but her yellow gown — which was  handmade over the course of two years by a Chinese couturier named Guo Pei — proved irresistible for Photoshop-savvy folks on the internet. Behold, some ways Rihanna got remixed:


As seen on sneakymonster.tumblr.com, Rihanna's dress was actually just a delectable helping of scrambled eggs.

On Twitter, Rihanna's dress was an omelette, with Sarah Jessica Parker's headdress as the heat source.


As seen on Kotaku:  Rihanna's gown as Chinese crepe.



And! Rihanna's dress was remixed as a giant pizza by Instagram user Michael Majesty, as well as Domino's in the UK. Check out those tasty toppings.


Not edible, but still irresistible: The Yellow-Brick Rihanna.


Finally: Rihanna as Belle. Yes.

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