Rihanna's new song might just be the drunk girl anthem of 2015

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

If the 15-second song snippet Rihanna just posted on her Instagram is any indication, we may have ourselves the new drunk girl anthem of 2015.

A purported new track off her much-anticipated eighth album, the song — entitled "Higher" — has you almost smelling the spirits on RiRi's breath as she pleads, "This whiskey got me feeling pretty / so pardon if I'm impolite / I just really need your ass with me."


Crooning over a bluesy melody and dramatic and slow crescendo of violins, the braggadocio of "Pour It Up" — her DGAF drunk girl 2012 banger — is gone. In its place,  the words and feeling of bottom-of-the-glass, last call desperation.

With little to no other details, though — the album title is literally marked "unknown" — our imagination is left to run wild. Did Bad Gal write this during one of her famed and fuzzy benders aboard a yacht? Were the words lifted from a drunken text sent to Leo? Drizzy? Or any number of her former conquests?

Whatever the situation, I can picture the coming months: Half of America swaying to this song in the back of an Uber, as we deliberate over whether to go home or go see bae.

Marjon Carlos is a style and culture writer for Fusion who boasts a strong turtleneck game and opinions on the subjects of fashion, gender, race, pop culture, and men's footwear.

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