Ringly's 'Smart Ring' Connects Your Phone to Your Finger


New wearable tech filters your important calls for you and then sends the alerts straight to your…finger.

Ringly launched their new fashionably smart ring this week. The ring connects to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy. You can customize the app so it notifies you of only the phone calls and messages you want to receive. If you’re in the middle of a work meeting but you need to know if you get any calls from your child’s school, set it up accordingly and when your phone receives the call, your ring will light up and buzz.


At about $145 a pop, the ring is made with 18-karat gold and semi-precious stones.

We all know that technology is taking over pretty fast with bras that will tweet for you, dresses that go transparent when you’re turned on, but who could’ve thought jewelry would meet technology as well?


Photographs courtesy of Ringly.

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