RIP Bob Hoskins: 5 Roles That Will Remind You Your Childhood Is Also Dead

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Why, God/G-d/universe/nature/etc., why? Why must cruelly you keep reminding us of the impermanence of the human condition and the fact that with every breath, we’re getting older and closer to shuffling off this mortal coil? Why must you keep snatching away the screen heroes that marked our formative years?


The British actor passed away late last night, at age 71, after a bout with pneumonia (and a longer battle with Parkinson’s). He leaves behind a nearly 40-year body of work spanning the genre spectrum from drama to rom-coms and back. He also leaves behind warm fuzzies especially for a selection of his late 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s roles—and, sadly, a definite, dramatic reminder that your childhood is gone and never coming back and you’re getting older and everyone you love will turn to dust :(


Here are five Bob Hoskins roles to remind you of a past that is never coming back. RIP, our big-screen friend.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Hoskins, as Eddie Valiant, made us BELIEVE in Toontown. Now that he’s gone, next you’re gonna tell us Jessica Rabbit wasn’t real?

Hook (1991)

Forget Rufio, forget Dustin Hoffmann’s Captain Hook – Hoskins’ Smee was the real cuddy scene-stealer.


Super Mario Bros. (1993)

We’re living in a world without the IRL version of Mario now.


Balto (1995)

That was our late, great Bob as the voice of Boris, the Russian snow goose who raised doggy hero Balto.


Maid in Manhattan (2002)

Never mind the rest of this whole mess—our Bob brought the posh charm as head butler Lionel Bloch.


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