This is probably the saddest #ThrowbackThursday ever! The voice of the Kelloggs Frosted Flakes mascot Tony the Tiger, Lee Marshall, has passed away at the age of 64 at Santa Monica Hospital in California after battling esophageal cancer, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Marshall began lending his voice to cereal's most famous face in 1999 and completely replaced Thurl Ravenscroft who voiced Tony the Tiger since 1952. Also on his resume, he was a radio DJ, news anchor, sports broadcaster, also doing voiceover work as a villain in cartoons.

Friend and former WCW professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page reflects on losing his buddy in the video below.


Back in the day, when WCW didn't mean #WomanCrushWednesday, Marshall's announcer name was known as "Stagger Lee". He and co-announcer Larry Zybysko's famous banter included:

Zybysko: "How you doing?"
Marshall: "How'm I doin'? What do you mean how am I doin'? How do you think I'm doin' with you standing there while I get my brains kicked in? That's how I'm doin'!".


Lee Marshall alongside Bobby "The Brain" Heenan


Let's get supercharged!


We'll never forget that voice.

The voice actor who made our childhood mornings so much more manageable with his famous phrase "They're grrrrrrreat!" is survived by his wife, son, stepdaughter and granddaughter.