As you’re probably aware, over the last few days, president-to-be Donald Trump went on one of his signature Twitter tirades against legendary civil rights leader John Lewis (who, by the way, recently gave incredible testimony at Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing).


Apparently, Trump wasn’t too pleased after Lewis announced he would not be attending the inauguration, stating that he did not believe that Trump is a “legitimate president.” Trump’s tweets, in which he insulted Lewis and the city of Atlanta, only incited more anger and caused dozens of Democratic politicians to join Lewis in boycotting the inauguration.

And yet. Out of nowhere. A man emerged from the froth of this political chaos to remind us of what really matters. His name: Rob Schneider. His mission: To oversimplify the already whitewashed legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. in order to tell a black civil rights icon how to act.


It’s a comically catastrophic misreading of the situation as well as civil rights AS WELL AS JOHN LEWIS’ WORK. Also, WHY IS ROB SCHNEIDER EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS? In the spirit of useful suggestions like these, here are 10 people and/or things you could refer to about Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy before consulting a former SNL castmember best known for popping up in Adam Sandler films.

  1. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site (in Atlanta)
  2. March, John Lewis’ autobiographical graphic novel series detailing his life and work from Jim Crow-era upbringing to his involvement in the Selma to Montgomery marches
  3. John Lewis
  4. Any of the congresspeople who are boycotting the Inauguration
  5. The “That’s Racist!” kid from Wonder Showzen
  6. Any child off the street
  7. Either of the fish tanks at the Staten Island ferry terminal
  8. A Chipotle burrito
  9. The guac (extra)
  10. A tumbleweed

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