Roberto Orci Finally Talks About New ‘Stars Wars’

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Leon Krauze, the host of "Open Source," posed the question to writer and producer Roberto Orci plain and simply: "You’re not working on any 'Star Wars’ related things?"

Orci, who’s known for his science fiction films, was rumored to be working on an upcoming "Star Wars" film set to be released in 2015.


"No one’s asked me to do anything," Orci replied on Thursday night.

"I went traveling with Harrison Ford to promote 'Enders Game’ and he won’t tell me anything either. I said 'Harrison are you going to be Han Solo?’ and he’s like 'I can’t tell you anything.’"


"I have no news on Star Wars," Orci went on to say.

Orci, who was born in Mexico City to a Mexican father and Cuban mother, said he’s interested in science fiction films because it allows him to explore different social issues going on today.

Orci said science fiction is "great for telling stories that are relevant to us today but that give you a little bit of distance through science fiction so no one gets insulted, it’s just about the topic," he said.

Orci along with producer and writer Alex Kurtzman co-penned both installments of Paramount’s current Star Trek franchise. The first sequel, "Star Trek Into Darkness," has grossed closed to $230 million and is currently the eighth-highest grossing film of 2013.


Orci’s has also had success on smaller screens.

His most recent television series, the mystery-adventure drama "Sleepy Hollow," premiered earlier this year on FOX to more than 22 million viewers (when you include streaming video platforms.) The series, which was co-created with Kurtzman, has become FOX’s most successful fall drama premiere since the debut of "24" in November 2001.


He has some big projects on deck, including "Van Helsing," "The Amazing Spider-Man 4" and a television series for the CW based on the 1980s TV horror anthology series "Tales from the Darkside."

Orci’s latest film "Ender's Game" was released on November 1 and is currently in theaters.


Full disclosure: The new Star Wars film is a Disney project. Disney owns ABC, one of Fusion’s parent companies.