Roger Stone Has a Bunch of Proud Boys Volunteering For Him

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

As we wait to find out how many crimes Roger Stone did in service of Donald Trump, the sex pervert, conspiracy theorist, and former Trump advisor has managed to make more news. Last week, Stone posted an image on his Instagram showing the judge presiding over his case next to a symbol that looked like a crosshairs. The judge, Amy Berman Jackson, then issued a gag order on Stone, forbidding him from posting more dank (violent) memes.


Stone said under oath that the image was given to him by a volunteer, but couldn’t seem to remember who that volunteer might be.

“People come and go. They’re all part of the same group,” Stone said in court of his volunteers. “It’s a revolving situation.”

Now, Stone has provided a list of names of those volunteering for him, and it doesn’t look great. All of them are affiliated with the far-right Proud Boys organization.

The names provided were Enrique Tarrio, Tyler Whyte, Jacob Engels, and Rey Perez, all of whom BuzzFeed found to be active on social media and in the Proud Boys organization. Tarrio is the Proud Boys chairman. Whyte is a leader of a Proud Boys chapter in Florida. Engels has also been associated with the Proud Boys, though he claims to be a “journalist” following the group rather than a member. Perez’s Facebook says he’s a member of the Proud Boys.

Jackson’s ruling should apply to these volunteers as well, according to BuzzFeed:

Jackson’s order isn’t a blanket prohibition on anyone posting comments about Stone’s case, but it says that Stone can’t indirectly comment “by having statements made publicly on his behalf.” To the extent his known associates — people he told the judge were doing work for him — continue to go on the attack, it could raise questions about compliance with Jackson’s order, even if Stone himself isn’t talking.


And yet, they continue to post about the case. Perez tweeted this after the ruling came down:


A Twitter account connected to Tarrio also has also retweeted posts about Stone and his supposed innocence since the order.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to see Stone and the Proud Boys in the same headline. Stone has previously posted photos with Proud Boys chapters on his Instagram and he recorded a video in December addressing the group alongside Tarrio.


“Keep the faith. Don’t let them wear you downthe globalists, the two-party duopoly, Robert Mueller, the deep state, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post. They want to wear us down. Never give up the fight. We will prevail,” Stone said in the video.