Roger Stone Has Some More Thoughts About Barbara Bush

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

One of the many incredible things about Trump’s America is how much time in it we spend discussing Roger Stone’s Instagram account. To perpetuate that phenomenon, I bring you this news: Roger Stone has said another mean thing about Barbara Bush.


Stone—whose latest social media hits include Photoshopping swastikas onto Trump administration members, for some reason, and also posting a photo of District of Columbia District Judge Amy Berman Jackson next to an image of crosshairs—seemed to take issue with some details in the late Bush’s recent biography. According to the New York Times, Bush, never one to fete Trump in life, called him “[t]he real symbol of greed in the 80s,” back when he was a shitty real estate crook instead of a shitty presidential one. She also reportedly wrote in her diary in 1990, “Trump now means Greed, selfishness and ugly. So sad.” Sad!

Anyway, Stone (who, shortly after Bush’s death, called her a “nasty drunk” on social media) did not like that. And so on Friday he countered Bush’s criticism with some extremely sound logic, posting a photo of Bush to Instagram. “She had a ‘countdown clock’ for @realdonaldtrump presidency?” he wrote in the caption. “Well she’s dead and he’s president- who won that one?” Indeed.

Trump, meanwhile, took Bush’s posthumous criticism with his usual self-reflection. “I have heard that she was nasty to me, but she should be. Look what I did to her sons,” he told The Washington Times on Thursday. Jeb :(

Anyway, evergreen reminder that the Bush family is still bad, no matter how much they do or do not or did or did not like Trump.