Ron Paul Pops Up to Remind Everyone He's Still Very Racist

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Are you one of the people who forgot that Ron Paul ever existed? Well, he popped up on Monday to remind the world that he is both still around and still quite racist.

Screenshot: @RonPaul

Let’s go ahead and zoom in on that, shall we?




More than two hours after sharing his thoughts on “cultural marxism” Paul pulled down the extraordinarily offensive tweet, and swapped it out for something a little more benign.


Got that folks? No political correctness here!!!! If you want less racism and anti-Semitism in your life, KEEP MOVING.


I have reached out to both the Ron Paul Institute, and Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul, for their insight into this tweet, and will update this story with their responses.

Update, 3:43 p.m.: Paul has followed up on his tweet, explaining that he’s not an anti-Semitic racist—someone on his staff is.


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