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Imagine the gallons of urine that collect at any of the world's largest music festivals, flowing freely from beer-guzzling patrons. At Roskilde in Belgium this year, festival organizers decided to do something productive with all that pee, the Guardian reports: turn it back into beer.

Here's an ad for the initiative from the Danish agriculture and food trade association:

They're expecting to gather some 6,600 gallons of urine in what they're calling their "from piss to pilsner" initiative. The urine will be used to fertilize barley eventually destined to turn into beer. Organizers hope that patrons will be drinking the beer they helped to grow by emptying their bladders by the time the 2017 festival comes around.

“It’s about changing our approach to waste, from being a burden to being a valuable resource,” Leif Nielsen from the Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) told the Guardian.

Here's the collection system:


Women at the festival are encouraged to contribute as well with cardboard urine-directing cups available for free.

Roskilde is underway at the moment—here's what some of the 100,000 or so festival-goers, and some others, thought:


They call recycled beer Budweiser here. :)http://t.co/ZqiDtJyp8x

— Graham Rae (@GrahamRae69) July 2, 2015