Roy Moore Is Now Threatening to Sue His Accusers

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Alabama Senate candidate and (alleged) sexual predator Roy Moore told a conservative radio show host on Tuesday that he was considering taking legal action against the many women who have accused him of sexual harassment.


When asked by host Scott Beason, a former Alabama state senator who is almost definitely racist, if he planned on pursuing legal action with defamation against his accusers and the publications that have reported their stories, Moore suggested he might. “We are. We’re talking about The Washington Post,” said Moore. “We’re talking about the women involved.”

Moore has already threatened to sue the Post, which first published the accounts of four women who said he preyed on them when they were teens and he was well into his 30s. His team of inept lawyers have yet to follow through on the threat—though one of Moore’s attorneys did send a hilarious jumble of words accusing the website of defamation.

Reluctant to speak on the specifics of his possible lawsuit, Moore reiterated previous claims that investigators were looking into his accusers. “There are things coming out in the future which I can’t talk about,” he added. “We’re getting proof. We’ll continue to do that.”


The efficacy of such a lawsuit, however, remains questionable—especially with his clearly incompetent team of attorneys. Both and the Post have stood by their reporting. In a letter responding to the cease-and-desist request,’s lawyer suggested that legal action would “reveal other important information” about Moore. Here’s hoping releases that information anyway.

Night Editor, Splinter