Roy Moore Is Peddling an Unhinged Conspiracy Theory as the Reason for His Senate Loss

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Roy Moore—accused pedophile and sexual predator, disgraced former Alabama Supreme Court justice, and reactionary, homophobic, gun-toting lunatic—is back!

Nearly six months after Moore lost his shot at an Alabama Senate seat to Democrat Doug Jones, he is now pushing a wild lawsuit claiming the defeat was nothing less than a “political conspiracy” against him.

The suit, announced by Moore and his attorneys during a press conference on Monday, says that the women who came forward with stories about his sexual misconduct were acting as part of a $40 million conspiracy intent on ruining his chance to represent Alabama in the United States Senate.

In his complaint, Moore names Richard Hagadorn, Leigh Corfman, Debbie Gibson, Beverly Nelson, and Tina Johnson—each of whom were involved in the various allegations of sexual misconduct—as part of the cabal.


If, by “conspiracy,” Moore meant “women who chose to risk their lives and reputations in order to bravely speak up and stop him,” that would be accurate.

Moore had already filed a countersuit against Corfman, who herself sued Moore for defamation this past January. In his suit, Moore claimed Corfman’s allegations were “slanderous, libelous and were of such magnitude as to amount to defamation of Mr. Moore.”


Moore has yet to officially concede his loss to Jones.