Roy Moore Joins Sarah Palin on Growing List of Bad People Pranked By Sacha Baron Cohen

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Ahh. Hahahahaha. Ah, this is so good.

Yes, disgraced loser Roy Moore is the latest conservative to be tricked by Sacha Baron Cohen as part of his new Showtime series, Who Is America?, which apparently involved convincing Moore that he was going to receive an award for his “strong support of Israel.” In response to the dupe, Moore released the above statement, which misspelled Cohen’s name in the heading, boasted his status as a veteran yet again, and threatened legal action against Showtime.

Other Republican dullards who’ve been tricked by Cohen include Joe Walsh and Sarah Palin, who said she was “duped” and claimed Cohen posed as a “disabled US veteran,” which sounds funny as hell.


Cohen responded to Palin in character, as Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., PhD, calling the former vice presidential nominee’s response “fake news” and demanding an apology.

“I did NOT say I was a War Vet,” he wrote in a letter to Palin, posted on Ruddick’s Twitter. “I was in the service – not military, but United Parcel and I only fought for my country once – when I shot a Mexican who came onto my property.”


Still, points to Moore for managing to sneak in the phrase “shadowy media groups behind this illicit scheme,” somehow managing to say what sounds awfully like an anti-Semitic dogwhistle, while also attacking Cohen for supposedly being anti-Israel. (Cohen is half-Israeli and lifelong friends have said he “was very Zionist,” at least as a teen.) Moore, you’ll remember, was accused of anti-Semitism during the campaign, to which his wife responded by pointing out that one of their lawyers was Jewish. (The lawyer campaigned for Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones.)

Anyway, fuck this now thankfully irrelevant guy, and a hearty “laugh out loud” at him for being tricked by a literal clown.