Roy Moore 'Seriously Considering' Going for It, Again

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Roy Moore—a credibly accused sexual predator, disgraced former state Supreme Court judge, and completely insane personis probably the only person on Earth who could convince a deep red state like Alabama to vote for a Democrat to represent them in U.S. Senate. In fact, that’s something he did in 2017, and he sure seems eager to do again in two years.


Speaking with conservative radio host (and lunatic in his own right) Bryan Fischer on Friday, Moore stated that he was “seriously considering” another run at the Senate, after losing to Democratic Sen. Doug Jones in Alabama’s special election two years ago.

“I think the (2017 race) was stolen,” Jones said. “I think that’s been pronounced in the national newspapers: The New York Times, The Washington Post even has recognized there was a disinformation campaign going on in September of 2017 by forces outside of Alabama that spent a lot of money not regulated by the FEC in trying to dissuade Republicans from voting and encourage and enrage Democrats.”

Not even President Donald Trump’s full throated—if slightly late—endorsement of Moore was enough to salvage the Republicans’ chances of retaining the Senate seat vacated by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, following a string of allegations that Moore had sexually harassed and assaulted a series of young women.

Moore went on to narrowly lose Alabama’s special election, with Jones’ win marking the first time a Democrat from Alabama had been elected to the Senate in 25 years. Since then, Moore has spent his time alleging he was the victim of a coordinated conspiracy to deny him the Senate seat, and also getting spectacularly owned by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Sen. Jones, meanwhile, is facing an uphill battle in his 2020 reelection bid. A Moore challenge just might pose a fundamental question to Alabama voters once again: Who would you rather have as your senator—a sexual predator, or a Democrat?