Roy Moore Spokesman Reminds Us That Moore Is Also a Bigot, Not Just an Alleged Pedophile

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While much of the halfhearted GOP handwringing over Roy Moore has been centered on the accusations of pedophilia against him, his campaign would like any voters in Alabama to remember that he’s also world class homophobe.

The “oh right, this guy’s always been a monster” reminder came courtesy of campaign spokesman Ted Crockett, who made a last minute appearance on CNN’s The Lead with mere hours to go before polls closed in Alabama on Tuesday. Asked by Jake Tapper about the candidate’s longstanding bigotry against the LGBTQ community, Crocket could only flounder before admitting that, yes, Roy Moore “probably” still thought homosexual acts should be illegal.


Crockett also seemed wholly unprepared for the irrefutable fact that elected officials can be sworn on something other than the Bible.


Always a good sign when the man hired to speak for your campaign is reduced to prolonged stretches of awkward silence!

So there you have it, people of Alabama (which, incidentally, is “one of ten states with the highest proportion of same-sex couples raising children in the country,” according to the Family Equality Council). Roy Moore: Even if he weren’t an alleged pedophile and sexual predator, he’d still be an evil bigot.