Roy Moore's Communications Director Jumps Ship

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Nearly two weeks after The Washington Post exposed U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore’s (alleged) sexual predation of teens, his communications director, John Rogers, has resigned. Gee, I wonder why?


According to Bill Armistead, Moore’s campaign chairman, Rogers’ decision to resign wasn’t personal—it’s just campaigning as usual. Or something. “As we all know, campaigns make changes throughout the duration of the campaign, as do those working in the campaign,” Armistead said in a statement. “John made the decision to leave the campaign last Friday.”

One Moore’s campaign advisers, Brett Doster, painted a slightly different picture of Rogers’ resignation. “Unfortunately John just did not have the experience to deal with the press the last couple of weeks, and we’ve had to make a change,” Doster told Fox. Hm. The Washingtonian first confirmed that Rogers had resigned, however he declined to elaborate on the circumstances.

Doster reiterated that Rogers wasn’t dismissed, even though it sure sounds like he was. Regardless, Moore’s campaign isn’t sweating. He may have lost RNC funding, National Republican Senatorial Committee funding, and support from high-ranking Republican Senators, but he’s still got the endorsement of another man accused of sexual assault, President Trump.

“He denies it. He totally denies it,” Trump said on Tuesday. “Roy Moore denies it—that’s all I can say.”

Night Editor, Splinter