Rudy Giuliani Crammed AirPods Into His Dinosaur Skull All Wrong

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On Tuesday, Republican political strategist and writer Rick Wilson was at LaGuardia and bumped into former New York City mayor and all-around blowhard Rudy Giuliani, who was sporting Apple AirPods in a...very unusual fashion.

Rather than placing the somewhat ergonomic AirPods—which are just...regular earbuds just wear them as if...they did?—into his ears and allowing the stems to hang down, it appears as though Guiliani has wrenched them clean into his head, almost upside-down with the stems sticking out and up?? Of course this incredible sight happened at LaGuardia.


We have reached out to Apple to verify if this is the intended and appropriate use of their product and whether or not this could potentially void the warranty. We will update this post if we hear back.

Additional reporting by Clio Chang.