Rudy Giuliani Decides Constant Yelling Is the Only Way to Get Through a CNN Trainwreck

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Can you imagine a better way to start the morning than to watch Chris Cuomo—“Mansion Boy” of a New York political dynasty and soon-to-be CNN primetime host—go mano-a-mano with various creatures of the pro-Trump netherworld? I cannot.

On Friday, Cuomo’s sparring partner was America’s Mayor-turned-Trump-attorney-turned-legendarily-bad-TV-interviewee Rudy Giuliani. The pair went at it for more than 30 minutes, talking Trump, Russia, and—somehow—Martha Stewart’s 2004 conviction for obstructing justice.

“The President would testify tomorrow if it was about the truth—the truth is he had nothing to do with Russia,” Giuliani said of the ongoing Mueller probe. “Martha Stewart never would have gone to jail if she hadn’t gone and testified. What do you think, we’re stupid?”


“She lied!” Cuomo retorted incredulously.

Giuliani can’t be bothered with such details, just as he can’t be bothered with his own past statements arguing that presidents must comply with subpoenas to testify. When Cuomo rolled a clip of Giuliani speaking to Charlie Rose about this point in 1998, when similar questions were swirling around then-President Bill Clinton, Giuliani simply began yelling over the footage.

“That’s really unfair!” Giuliani shouted. “What you’re doing right now is extremely unfair! This is the reason people don’t come on this show! With all that promoting of Avenatti? That ambulance chaser?”

“What does that have to do with this?” Cuomo replied.

I hate to say this, but: Giuliani kind of pulled one on Cuomo there! The highlight reel of past statements—supposedly done to showcase current hypocrisy—is a cable news staple. Giuliani circumvented it by simply drowning it out with his own voice.


And on the interview went. And on. And on:

Giuliani: Does the president ever get the benefit of the doubt with you Chris? Ever? Or on this network, which is disgusting?

Cuomo: Actually, I would tell you something: I think he gets the benefit of the doubt much more often than you give credit for.

Giuliani: Do you know that most people think that I’m crazy to come on here?

Cuomo: Do you think this interview has been unfair?”

Giuliani: Yeah, I do.

Cuomo: You think this interview has been unfair?

Giuliani: Absolutely.


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