Rudy Giuliani Practices His Ignorant Scumbag Routine on Maxine Waters

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As the president’s personal attorney and also as himself, Rudy Giuliani is a pretty gross political miscreant, the kind of cartoonish villain who is in such denial of his awfulness that he interpreted a literal stadium of people booing at him as a sign of affection. His latest offense? Calling Maxine Waters, a national treasure, “sweetheart.”

In an interview with famed Michael Cohen client Sean Hannity, Giuliani raged about the California congresswoman over her insisting that Trump be impeached. And like a slob on a New York City sidewalk, the man once known as “America’s Mayor” belittled Maxine Waters with some everyday sexism. Via The Hill (emphasis mine):

“The people who will decide this are the people of the United States in the 2018 election,” Giuliani said. “And, boy, they are switching fast and Democrats are running for cover.”

“You don’t hear them say the words impeachment anymore,” he added.

“I challenge Maxine Waters to say impeachment,” Giuliani said. “Say it. Say ‘impeachment’, sweetheart. Just say it.”

I can’t say I’m shocked that the guy representing Donald Trump is a total chauvinist who happily throws “sweetheart” at an adult woman who is four years older than him and whose political career has spanned decades, but it’s repulsive nonetheless. Also, not only does this sound more than a threat than a challenge, but Waters needs no challenge to offer up the impeachment of Donald Trump.


Impeachment talk is Maxine Waters’ thing! And being an ignorant slimeball is Rudy Giuliani’s.

Update, 1:10 p.m.: Maxine Waters has responded to Giuliani’s comments with what can only be described as a fatality: