Rudy Giuliani: They Boo Me Because They Love Me Baby!!!

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As you may know, this past Monday marked the 74th birthday of Rudy Giuliani, a malfunctioning animatronic Chuck E. Cheese figurine turned attorney for President Donald Trump. To celebrate his big day, the former New York City mayor attended a Yankees game, where he was promptly met with resounding boos—possibly because he spends his time these days groveling at Trump’s feet and attempting to derail the FBI’s Russia investigation with some classic televised misdirection.

While a stadium full of people booing might make a normal person think about what they might have done to deserve such a response, Giuliani took it in stride. And by stride, I mean complete denial. From a Fox News producer who caught Rudy at the White House today:


Ah yes, get a load of all this love.


I’m pretty sure that’s not how booing works, unless 50,000 people decided to scare Giuliani with a “boo” for his birthday because they love him and scary birthday pranks are a thing? Honestly, if a stadium of people heckled and jeered at me, I’d probably be extremely disoriented as well, but points to Rudy for trying! For him, it’s just another day in the Giuliani spin machine. The abysmally ineffective, unbelievable, defunct Giuliani spin machine.