Rudy Guiliani Has Come Up With Yet Another Excuse for His Colossal Failures

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Remember how former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined President Donald Trump’s legal team and proceeded to immediately detonate Trump’s flimsy defenses about multiple controversies?


More specifically, Giuliani confirmed that not only was Trump aware that Michael Cohen payed Stormy Daniels $130,000, but that he even reimbursed Cohen for it, contradicting Cohen and Trump’s stance that Trump was completely oblivious about the whole thing. Well, despite the fact that these mistakes were the legal equivalent of slipping on one’s own banana peel, Giuliani has allegedly insisted that they were not the missteps of a common moron but the noble sacrifice of a wizard playing 4-D chess.

On Wednesday, the White House released Trump’s financial disclosure forms, which contained the detail about Trump’s payments to Cohen. According to Fox News, Giuliani’s new story is that he knew that this was going to happen, so he blabbed about it to the media beforehand so that he could, in his head, take the bullet for Trump.

This strategy doesn’t make a lot of sense. It seems that Giuliani does not understand what is at stake here. This isn’t just another PR failure for Trump. The payment to Daniels may have been a violation of campaign finance laws, which is a felony, and it’s not like Giuliani can take the fall for that. The only other possible explanation is that Giuliani simply likes to show his entire ass on national television?

Once again, Giuliani’s actions have left me wondering if someone can please come claim this very confused old man and remove him from the narrative.