Russian Child Defends Dad in Russian Road Rage Fight

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A young Russian boy ending a road-rage-triggered fight that his father was in. It’s today’s installment of, “Russia” the magical country of dash cams and generally unexplainable driving habits.”


“We were taking a stroll with my family heading to Izmaylovsky Park. A grey sedan stopped and pulled the SUV to the curb. A man jumped out of the sedan, took out a bat from the trunk, and began threatening the driver of the SUV,” a witness told Russia’s LifeNews.

Then the fight went as such: men cursing, men fighting, men cursing some more, little boy in a blue shirt jumps into the fight, little boy yells at the man hitting his dad, little boy ends fight. You go you little boy human person.

A witness recorded the altercation, and how the boy ended the fight (albeit vertically on his or her phone, to which we cannot roll our eyes harder). You can watch the full fight here:

So there you go, a young man acting a voice of reason.

H/T Russia Today