Ryan Gosling Will Kiss You If You Learn To Code

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Slap Ryan Gosling’s face on anything and you know it’s going to get buzz. Seriously. The actor/'Hey Girl' meme has now appeared on countless products, from Ryan Gosling themed earrings to T-shirts with his face on them, and now he stars in an app designed to teach people that coding is cool.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.


The free iPhone app, “Code Made Cool” uses Ryan Gosling’s sweet face as an incentive to solve mathematical code problems and games, and if you win, you get the Gosling god to share sweet nothings with you. A number of different levels offer you choices of coding games from drag and drop commands to coding repeat loops.

One level allows you to create a “virtual looping command” that lets you kiss Ryan 10,000 times. Yes, that’s the reward of a well constructed command code.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Sure, this might not translate well into everyday life and the coding teaching offered is a little simplistic but it’s a funny, smart and very relevant way to get people today enjoying coding- and offering an alternative to dumbed down code lessons with Moshi Monsters (also a thing).

h/t ChipChick

Image: Flickr/ Lgsinden