What's next for work and workers

Sara Nelson's Next Frontier

The head of the powerful flight attendants is setting her sights on leading the next huge labor movement—as the next president of the AFL-CIO: "People think there’s only a limited amount of power that you have, and if you exert some power, you’re not gonna have enough for the next fight. That’s just not how it works."

Labor Needs a Party

The United States is unique among Western democracies. We do not, and have never really had, a party of labor.

Labor Apps Won’t Save Us, But Maybe Nothing Will

As with all these examples, Tech and Apps will not fix the labor movement. But there are some interesting and promising examples of technological platforms that could help mitigate the broadly terrible circumstances workers are up against.

The Revolution Will Be Cooked

What does equitable meal policy look like?

Abortion Is a Labor Issue

When we talk about supporting the right to choose, we have to remember the people who help make that happen.