The Truth Hurts
The Truth Hurts
Splinter Presents: Secret Life of Muslims (Trailer)

The Secret Life Of Muslims


This series uses humor and empathy to subvert stereotypes and reveal the truth about American Muslims: fascinating careers, unexpected talents, and inspiring accomplishments, providing a counter narrative to the rampant Islamophobia prevalent in the media.

What Brings Muslims and Jews Together?

It’s easy to highlight the differences between Muslims and Jews, but in fact, there are many cultural similarities. In America, the two faiths share the status of minority, monotheistic religions with both enormous influence and a history of persecution.

This Vet Planned to Bomb a Mosque. Now He's a Muslim.

Relying partly on his experience as a Marine, Richard McKinney made an improvised explosive device he planned to detonate near a mosque, resulting in massive casualties.

WWE Star Mustafa Ali on Wrestling While Muslim

As a rising star in pro wrestling, Adeel Alam ditched his bad guy image and decided to become the hero he wanted to see as a kid. Today, millions of fans have cheered on the WWE wrestler known as Mustafa Ali

Teenage Boxer Amaiya Zafar Is a Ring Leader

When Amaiya Zafar laces up for a fight, she not only brings out the gloves, shorts, and shoes, but also her hijab.

What's the Hajj?

The Hajj is a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage that brings millions of Muslims to the holy city of Mecca each year. Here’s what happened when comedian Ahmed Ahmed turned down Hollywood calls to answer a call from God (and his mother).

How Lena Khan Became Hollywood's First Hijabi Director

As a child, Lena Khan was obsessed with American films. Now, she’s bringing her own stories to the big screen as Hollywood’s first hijabi director.

How 'Project Runway' Star Ayana Ife Stitches Faith and Fashion

Fashion designer Ayana Ife became a star on the 16th season of 'Project Runway.’ Here’s how she found her voice.

What Sharia Really Means

You’ve probably heard pundits freaking out about “Sharia law.” It’s even been “banned” in many states. But what does the phrase really mean?

The Woman Who Helped Lead a Strike Against The Muslim Ban

As the second anniversary of the 2017 Yemeni bodega strike approaches, one of the organizers, Debbie Almontaser, explains how thousands of people came together in just 36 hours and carried out of the most powerful responses to Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban.

Meet the Foster Father to Some of LA’s Most Vulnerable Children

Mohamed Bzeek has fostered over 80 terminally ill children in Los Angeles because, he says, Islam “teaches me if somebody needs my help and I can help, then I must help.”

Muslim Americans on What ‘Jihad’ Actually Means

If you’re a regular Fox News viewer, perhaps you think the word “jihad” means “a looming holy war that’s coming soon to your suburban home.” Well, you’d be wrong.