Sam Lao's 'Pineapple' is the anti-catcalling anthem we've been waiting for

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While summer means warm weather and rosé, it also means an influx of unwarranted catcalling. It's both uncomfortable and slightly comical when you think about the audacity of a man who yells at a woman on the streets and actually expects a response.


Just in time for summer, 27-year-old Dallas rapper Sam Lao dropped the brightly-hued video for "Pineapple," an anti-catcalling anthem. Lao raps that while she does look great, this isn't an invitation for thirsty men to get to know her better. Because honestly, if men aren't going to stop harassing women on the streets and any other place you can think of, we might as well respond to the nonsense and tell them how stupid catcalling really is.

She told Paper that the song is about a domestic male fantasy. "I'm referring to how you would tie up your hair when hanging around the house/relaxed," she said. "They wanna be close to me and see me in my most relaxed state." And the song couldn't be more timely, especially with the recent Twitter hashtag #NoWomanEver started by @ImJustCeej, which women all over the internet used to clap back with sarcastic responses to catcalling.

With empowering lyrics like, "But she never drops drawers for the howling of the dogs" and "Yeah, I got it. Yeah, I own it. It's all mine so I can flaunt it," Lao's "Pineapple" is the perfect response to unwanted male attention.


Tahirah Hairston is a style writer from Detroit who likes Susan Miller, Rihanna's friend's Instagram accounts, ramen and ugly-but cute shoes.

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