Sanders, Pelosi, and Schumer unveil their first step in fighting Trump's presidency

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Bernie Sanders, Senator Chuck Schumer, and House Representative Nancy Pelosi want Democrats across the country to take to the streets and form peaceful rallies in show of their commitment to resisting the next four years of Trump's presidency.

Sanders posted a letter today, co-signed by Pelosi and Schumer, calling for his fellow Democrats in Congress to help organize a day of action on January 15, the day that Congress resumes session and a little less than a week before the inauguration of Donald Trump.

"Beginning in January, it is likely that Republican leaders in Congress will follow through on their threats to ram through a budget bill that will severely undermine the health care needs to the American people," Sanders wrote. "It's important to bring the American people together to fight this radical proposal."


Sanders goes on to list some of the Trump Campaign Promises: Greatest Hits™, like the gutting of the Affordable Care Act that gave 30 million Americans health insurance and a nearly $5,000 tax increase on the working and middle class, as reasons why people should be fired up to organize and protest.

"Millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump after he promised not to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid," Sanders wrote. "He must be held to his promises and should veto any legislation which cuts these vital and necessary health programs."

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