Sandro Silva Is the Next Big Dutch EDM Producer To Know

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Dutch DJ Sandro Silva has been working with his mentor, super DJ-producer Laidback Luke, for more than five years now. But with the support of taste-makers like Pete Tong and David Guetta, Silva has been making his own mark on the sound of dance music.


Silva marks another big moment for any international EDM DJ tonight—he's debuting at Miami's famous Story nightclub. And to mark the occasion, he's premiering his "Exclusive Miami Beats Mix" right here on Fusion.

"The Miami scene is so different compared to Vegas or LA," Silva told Fusion. "It’s a more sophisticated crowd; they're open to other genres. I can try something different than the regular EDM I play."

For a DJ with a wide range of tastes, playing for an open-minded crowd is a rare pleasure. Silva's Miami mix includes tribal house beats that aren't typically found in mainstream dance.

"I definitely think it's time for a tribal house comeback," Silva says. "EDM is all the same right now, with the triplets and bass drops. It's time for a change."

To hear what he means, check out our exclusive Miami beats mix from Silva below.


Alexandra DiPalma is a producer for Fusion Lightworks, Fusion’s In-house Branded Content Agency.