Sarah Huckabee Sanders Answers Direct Questions On Syria With Next-Level Gibberish

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Despite the fact that President Trump tweeted, in no uncertain terms, that American missiles “will be coming” to Syria, Sarah Huckabee Sanders reached deep into her bag of random phrasing on Wednesday to imply that we shouldn’t necessarily take the president’s word for it on this one, as “all options” remain on the table.

Asked during the daily White House press briefing whether Trump’s tweets—which were widely read as a proclamation that the U.S. will attack Syria after another suspected chemical attack in the country—Sanders replied: “That’s certainly one option, but it’s certainly not the only option, or the only thing that the president may or may not do.”

Read that again. Incredible! Words came out but she still managed to say nothing at all!


Asked again what room for interpretation there could possibly be when the guy with the nuclear codes tweets “Get ready Russia, because [missiles] will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’,” Sanders emphasized that there’s no timetable for a possible attack and that “a final decision has not been made.”

“We haven’t laid out any specific actions we plan to take,” she said later, apparently not including Trump in that royal “we.”


While more optimistic minds might cling to Sanders’ false hope that other “options” are left on the table, she’s proved time and time again that her job is to stand in front of reporters and try to create an air of uncertainty around what Trump himself has already said plainly, most often on Twitter. At least we know the American media is ready to go to war...somewhere over there.